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One of the most important things that we take care of while planning a picnic or outstations is the weather. Hence weather forecast plays an important role in our life. The weather forecast is the prediction of future weather conditions. The atmospheric conditions of a place are being considered as an integral part of predicting the weather. The meteorologist collects the data of the weather conditions from various places and will forecast the weather with the help of the forecasting tools. The steps that are involved in forecasting the weather are observation, collecting the data from different places, transmitting the collected data to the hub, plotting the collected data, and analysis of the data with concerning weather maps and satellite images. The weather news is highly beneficial not only to the common people but also to the farmers and traders. The weather forecast not only involves the forecast of rain. It also involves the forecast on temperature, precipitation, humidity, heavy snow, hails, mist, smog, etc. Now the weather forecasts are available in every smartphone through apps.

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