The History of News

The history of news would go back when people became more civilized. There were messengers in every kingdom who will provide need to the general public as well as to the Kings of the Kingdom. Doves were used to send news from one place to the other. With the advent of technology printing machines were created. In. 1609, Johann Carolus printed the first newspaper. Word News was created in the 14th Century. Something new was claimed to be News. In ancient times, the social places and gatherings were the sites of news. In England, coffee houses were the sites to know the news. In India, with the Freedom of Press in action people were able to print the news and circulate it to the people throughout the country. The news was telecasted in Radio stations, broadcasts, postal, etc. Every country would trace the origin of the news according to the development that happened when the civilization changes occurred in the world.

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